Self Heating Back Support


Heated Back support with self eating infrared technology, ideal for lower back pain.
Also great for keeping you warm in the winter especially with the high energy bills coming.

OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Using our back pain relief belt, your capillaries will expand, stimulating blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. It also stimulates enzyme activity by emitting photons that produce macrophage activity, increasing the elimination of damaged tissues.
MADE TO LAST: Our lumbar support belt with self-heating consists of a neoprene wrap secured by Hook & Loop, stitched with tourmaline gemstones and multiple magnets that will stimulate your body’s temperature increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation to the injured areas speeding the healing process.
FAR INFRARED RAY TECHNOLOGY: The energy waves from the IFR are able to penetrate up to 3 inches by radiating the heat from the ceramic particles back to your body. The FIR heating belt is known for rebuilding injured tissue by increasing cell growth, DNA synthesis, and excellent burn healing, scar tissue, and skin regrowth properties.
MULTIPLE BENEFITS: These back support belts for men are the perfect choice for relieving back pain, improving flexibility and mobility, and assisting in the recovery of sore joints. It will improve blood circulation and injury healing and is easy to use by wetting it before wearing it with a damp cloth.
CONVENIENT SET: Order the lower back support belt for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one, and you can be sure they will be appreciated! Our set includes one safe-to-use self-heating body wrap ideal for that everlasting back pain!

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