Level 3 Tie Back Surgical Mask – 160mmHg Fluid Resistance and Optimal Filtration

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Level 3 Tie Back Surgimask is suitable for the practitioner and clinician during surgical procedures, front line workers and for the dental and allied health professional who may have exposure to body and body fluids as well as risk of potential infection.
A level 3 Surgical Mask is also suitable for the public to wear to reduce the risk of potential infection and high risk of fluid contact with those in close proximity.


The Strapit Level 3 Tie Back Surgimask is the highest quality Level 3 mask meeting all world standards including:
Australia: AS 4381:2015
Europe: EN14683
Fluid and Splash Resistance is measured by dedicated laboratories around the world. This is in accordance with ASTM F1862-98 & ASTM F1862-00a standard testing methods for resistance of surgical face masks to penetration of synthetic blood at 160mmHg/16.0kPa pressures.
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
Surgimask provides the user with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of greater than 99% for media that is greater than 3 microns. This provides the user with superior protection from a potential infection.
Mask Breathability (Delta P)

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